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Fuel System Maintenance & Repair

Fuel System Repair & Maintenance

The fuel pump plays an integral role in making sure your car runs smoothly.

Every modern car with a fuel-injected engine has an electric fuel pump – a sophisticated piece of equipment whose job is to transfer a constant pressurized supply of fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injection on the engine.

Its job is to provide a steady supply of fuel at the proper pressure and quantity, which enables the engine to perform as expected under a wide range of driving conditions and rates of fuel consumption.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll never have to talk to your mechanic about replacing a fuel pump, which is often 

located in your fuel tank.

If properly maintained and cared for, fuel pumps should last for the life of your vehicle. One way to help extend the fuel pump’s life is to never let the fuel level go below a quarter tank of gas. Since gas is what cools the fuel pump, the less gas you have the more likely it is the the fuel pump will over heat and cause internal damage reducing the life of the fuel pump. When the tank is empty and new gas is pumped in, it could cause thermal shock to the pump when the cold gas hits the hot fuel pump. 

Changing the fuel filter will also help extend the life of the fuel pump. The fuel filters job is to filter small particles out of the gas preventing damage to the injectors. Over time the fuel filter can become clogged, reducing fuel pressure resulting in poor running conditions, and eventually damage to the fuel pump due to excessive back pressure.

However, there are signs that the fuel pump is  struggling to do its job. Most common signs of a failing fuel pump are long cranking time before starting and excessive noise coming from the area of the fuel pump. Other signs could be a lack of power, stalling, or the vehicle just not starting.

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